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Hi there, 

I am Natasha, the creator or better say the first contributor of The Diary Project. The concept of it is to gather thoughts of people from different backgrounds and walks of life in a personal diary format, and commemorate the given day and time, as well as to serve as a reminder that despite our differences, we are all living this world’s joys and struggles together. 


If you are holding this “Diary” and are asking a question: What am I supposed to do with it? The answer: it is a diary so treat it like one! Write about your day, or your thoughts on a given day, or share a story of your life that got you to where you’re today. Even a fictional story reflecting your life experience would be a great entry! Once you are finished, give it to someone else, who’d be excited to share a piece of their life in the diary. The goal is to gather the thoughts and experiences of our peers and eventually share them with the world.



I know it is going to be challenging to keep this project going and involving more contributors but I believe we can complete it together! The first challenge I foresee is physical handwriting being out of habit for many of us. My recommendation here is to specify a period of time you’d be writing for (e.g. 40 minutes) or a number of pages (e.g. 3 pages), so you will have a defined goal. Second: it might be a difficult task to pass the diary to the right person, when everyone around you seems so busy and lacking time for any entertainment, let alone creating art. My suggestion: tell them it could be their art therapy. No one would judge if they just pour their stream of consciousness on the page and complain about what they might see as boring stuff. We value any input that reflects our human experience. Third: delaying it indefinitely. Let’s say you genuinely wanted to do it, but couldn’t find the right time until it’s already too much time passed. My suggestion: let it go, literally and figuratively. Make any type of contribution - even just write your name, and pass it to someone else. We will still proudly call you a contributor.   



You’re already a contributor. Imagine how amazing this would be to publish our entries as a book at the end of the project with your writing in it? Imagine how people in 30 years would look at it as a piece of history. Finally, how great it would be to read your piece among the pieces of others, and see them create a compelling story of our time together. Many voices blending into one just like it goes in life. Think of us as athletes passing the Olympic fire. 


To borrow from some of the most famous spam letters (which I assure you the Diary Project is not). “Please do not break the chain”! Even if you think it’s past due, that there are no right people in your circle, you have no original thoughts to write, pass it along. All of it is already a story! We just need to tell it to other people!  




  1. Try not to take it longer than three days to write your entry. The diary has to stay timely. 

  2. Put a date, and write your entry on two pages following the already written text. 

  3. 3 pages is our golden standard, but feel free to write less or more.

  4. Feel free to stay anonymous, or put your name down. 

  5. Once you wrote your letter. Give the diary to someone who you think has a different life perspective than you.

  6. Make sure the person you’re giving it to is committed and enthusiastic about the challenge, and not someone who just politely accepts it.

  7. Add a sticker, your photo, a cut-out quote from a magazine, or a movie ticket you used during your described day. Draw a cartoon if you’d like. It’s safe to be creative in your diary!

  8. Feel free to post about the project on your social media, but don’t forget to tag us #thediaryproject by @angryfishtheatre. Please do not share other people’s entries.  

  9. Leave your contact information by texting the number at the end of the book. 

  10. Lastly, it is a diary but your entry is there to be shared. That said, don’t let it discourage you from speaking your mind. This is our shared experience with others, that among other things explores intimacy, vulnerability, and connection.



  • If this diary got to you by mistake, please call the phone number at the back of the book.

  • If you have any questions, please call the phone number at the back of the book.

  • If you'd like to express your concern, about the content of the diary, please call the phone number in the back of the book.

You can also email us at with any questions.

If you are feeling extra creative please make videos of your diary experience and send them to as well.




If you’re the author of the last entry, you have a very special mission. Call or text the phone number at the back of the book, and you will receive the address and funds to mail the diary. I might also be able to arrange for pickup, depending on where you are.

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