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Our audience members always play a key role in everything we do. Moreover, they can impact our work directly by more than just attending our shows. Here are the virtual ways you can partake in Angry Fish Theatre's work. The level of participation is up to you. We embrace the weird, the brave, and the thoughtful.

Big Fish Patron

The most tangible way to support us at this point is to become our patron. This type of support means a lot more for artists than you might imagine. It would be a reminder that our work has a place in your life, and is needed. A small amount a month will motivate us to create more art. A large amount will help us stay afloat while we are creating. We strive to be a safe and fair working environment for all artists involved and that can be achieved by having financial independence. 


Donations Black Hole

Help us on our mission to bring art to everyday life, while maintaining independence and advancing artistic freedom. Your donation will bring more experiments to stage and allow our artists and crew to stay devoted to the work they love. Like throwing an object into a black hole, you may never know exactly what happens to it on the other side, but you will find an enjoyment in the fact it is now expanding into something new in the art universe.

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Inspiration Fish Tank

"And if thou gaze long into an abyss, the abyss will also gaze into thee" is an unofficial motto of our shows. We are committed to connecting with our audience through art. And this is always a two-way connection. Drop anything you like into this dropbox and watch it becoming a part of one of our future shows. It can be a random file as an experiment for you to test our limits or something as elaborate and personal as a poem or full-length script. Send it over and this time we can guarantee you'll see it on the other side.

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