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Think of the phrase “love finds you in the strangest places” and imagine a waiting area that you felt the most uncomfortable in. This would be the concept of  “The Waiting Room” in a gist. 


In our theatrical experience we create an unfriendly soulless environment, and let our audiences fill it with creativity, humor, moving stories and uplifting interactions. The Waiting Room is a participatory piece where you reflect on your life while non-verbally bonding with others. 


The experience combines elements of immersive and interactive theatre, game design, live-action role-playing and art installation. Minimalist in its setting it enables thought-provoking dynamics among 15 participants. Each one of them receives a confidential package and gets on a waiting mission, spiced up with philosophical prompts, curious artefacts and mesmerizing surroundings that shapeshift with each minute. 


Sometimes we forget that we live in metaphorical “waiting rooms” every day. Our version of this liminal space will make you more aware of your hidden needs, dreams, values and potential.

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