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At first glance, The Waiting Room is a clerical space frozen in time. It features an outdated electronic system calling numbers and a silent warden distributing mysterious packages to ten waiting individuals. Yet it’s only so on the surface. Behind each story is a powerful AI and a story that will make you reflect on your values and the state of humanity in the context of progress. Technology heightens our mundane environments and prompts us to think of who we are in this moment of history, in this moment of waiting... The waiting experience changes us. It gives us opportunities to experience self-reflection, patience, dependency, and bond with others over seemingly simple interactions.

  • 10 Captivating Stories About Waiting

  • Audio Narrative Personalized by AI 

  • Immersive Space

  •  Game Design

  • Sound AI-Generation

  • Once stepping into The Waiting Room, you won't walk out the same person.​

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