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"How was your day?" - is an experimental play, a hybrid of physical theater and art performance tied together with live electronic music.

The same scenes over and over is not something one would expect seeing on stage in a one-hour play, but oddly enough it is a normal thing when it is happening on a larger scale - in our lives. How was your day? gives a philosophical and literal take on the routines of life and the mental traps we fall into on a daily basis. 

Written & Directed by Natalia Yandyganova


Cast: Douglas Bruno, John Paul Harkins, Lauren A. Kennedy, Kyle Silver

Set Design: Veronika Belyaeva

Music By Douglas Bruno (Void New World)

Artwork By Dasha Zorina

How Was Your Day? Poster Art
Experimental Play, 2016

"Midnight On Trubnaya Street" is an immersive theater production that premiered in Moscow, Russia.


The audience members become part of a Secret Literature Society and travel back in time to the 1920's to meet the most interesting art and literature figures of the time.

Written by: Natalia Yandyganova,

Veronika Belyaeva

Directed by: Natalia Yandyganova

Immersive Experience, 2016

Front. End. Center. is a part of experimental plays series staged in storefronts on various streets of New York City. Interlacing physical theatre and art performance, it introduces a modern satire of political establishments. At the spotlight of the story are the so-called people in charge – four high powered executives.

To keep their chairs occupied they not only have to confront civilians but also survive the intrigues and conspiracies of each other. Keeping the tension between timeless and timely “Front. End. Center” shows strikingly recognizable and absurd scenarios of games for power, which any passerby can become a spectator or even a participant in.

Written and Directed by: Natalia Yandyganova

Cast: Miharu Arakawa, John Paul Harkins, Jeffrey Lee, Carson Coughlin, Rose Zingale, Ashley Long, Isidro (Rob) Rueda.

Composer: Douglas Bruno
Veronika Belyaeva

Artwork by Dasha Zorina

Experimental Play, 2017

Who decides what beauty is? "Beauty Queen" is a performance art piece breaking the mold, set at a storefront display in the main fashion neighborhood of NYC.

Author and Director: Natalia Yandyganova
Stylist: Veronika Belyaeva
Performers: Nancy Umba, Saturday Lawson, Lauren Barinsky, Ariel Florian

Created in collaboration with a curated 
Fashion Retail Incubator Flying Solo.

Performance Art Piece, 2017

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