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5 Life Lessons for Girls to Take From Old Barbie Commercials

Watching old Barbie commercials will remind you how gender roles were forced on many generations of women from a very early age, and how television and big brands played a major role in it. It might make you mad if you were one of those girls too and you still have to live with the consequences. The issue is still there today even though the fight for equal rights has come a long way, so even Matel is taking steps to keep up with the demands of the time.

The most important thing the movement has achieved is a change of mentality for a new generation of girls all over the world. Girls and young women today know that they have choice, and won't fall for the same traps that keep them in traditional roles. We celebrate this achievement on Women's Day by imagining what modern girls can learn from these 50-year old videos.

1. It's cool to marry another Barbie. Or, anyone you love and admire.

2. No matter what relationship society wants you to have. The most important is to find a genuine Ken. Or again, a genuine Barbie.

3. You can do whatever you want with your body.

You might not always get it back to the original state, but that's totally up to you.

4. It's cool to be a fashion model, but a Robotics Engineer is a hot career choice these days.

Or any type of engineer, or a president.

5. Girls staying together is a power. Whether it's going to a march or making a school project, women united are a power able to change the world. Women should never forget to stand up for each other.


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