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Diving Into AI - The Beginning

I conducted my first-ever interview in 2009 for a school project, and chose a topic I thought was provocative. I asked a psychologist questions about the possibility of the Internet becoming an addiction, putting people into hospitals, and ruining their lives. The expert, kind enough to assist a

young person aspiring to become a journalist, humorously played along and speculated about the potential impacts of the web addiction similar to a mental health issue, subtly implying that humans are too smart to fall for such scenarios.

Now, having seen numerous statistics and documentaries on the topic and experiencing a level of addiction firsthand, I think the majority of us understands that when it comes to technology, humans are not some superpower species. They have limitations and overall quite fragile psyches. (Actually, there is a whole theory about AI becoming a superpower species or creating one, but I’ll save it for another time).

With all that, I take my speculations about the future more seriously, and I want to be a part of the AI conversation and exploration from the very beginning, to get my hands on the tools before they are out of my reach or understanding.

I know some artists don’t want to use AI tools at all, and I respect whatever reasons they have.

However, when I hear the notion that if we use AI, it's going to make human experience artificial, I want to ask: ‘How about television? cinema? social media, apps, video games? The Internet? Isn’t it already the world we live in?". (howaboutism at its finest but I have a point :D). The cold fact is AI is another tool - more powerful and thus more dangerous, but it is also the one that has a higher potential to make a positive impact.

As an artist and tech enthusiast, I’m always eager to learn about the new possibilities that science, art, and life give us. I want to find positive ways to implement AI into my art and my daily life. As a former journalist, I also have a need to share about it and let others know about the pitfalls, breakthroughs, or curios facts I discover along the way.

What I'm saying is I'd like to start sharing about my journey creating an AI-powered theatre project and things I learn along the way. The photos capture a playtest for the said show called 'The Waiting Room.' The image is an AI-generated interpretation of it.

This is the very beginning.

People are sitting in a waiting room and listening to stories
The Waiting Room - playtest #3.

People are sitting in a waiting room and listening to stories
The Waiting Room playtest participants.

People are listening to a story in a Waiting Room. Ai-generated image.
The AI-Generated Interpretation of our "Waiting Room".


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