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Do you ever wonder what people around you are thinking about? What if you could hear everyone's thoughts at the same time?


“Thoughts” is a multimedia art installation that represents a field of multiple streams of consciousness gathered in one space. It is set at a gallery where the audience hears a tangled multitrack stream of different people’s thoughts and sees projected videos of the thoughts’ authors on the walls. In this chaotic sound atmosphere, it is impossible to distinguish any of the thought streams and connect them to the silent videos unless one uses a soundboard installed in the space.

Switching between 20 tracks each audience member can control the volume levels and ultimately - decide whose voice can be heard and whose voice can be shut at a given moment. To put at least one story together it requires coordination, agreement, and patience from all visitors. How it works out is in many ways a reflection on the society we live in.


Who are you going to listen to? Those you can relate to or those you struggle to understand? The audience becomes a part of the installation to answer these questions.

Author: Natalia Yandyganova

Artwork by Melanie Martinho.
Poster - Art Work - Thoughts.jpg
Become part of this project.
This project is still in development, so you can become a part of it and share your thoughts! The whole process will take about a couple of hours and will be done in a form of interview. If you'd like to participate send us an email to telling about yourself and the thoughts you've been having lately. Please put "Thoughts - Story" in the subject line. We encourage non-actors and non-artists of all ages and backgrounds to participate. 
If you are interested in collaborating with us on this project at any other capacity we'd love to hear from you as well! 
Due to COVID 19  all interviews will be conducted in compliance with PPE requirements and social distancing measures or via Zoom. 
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