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Angry Fish Tank

Angry Fishtank is a series of experimental plays staged in storefronts on various streets of New York City. “Front. End. Center” is the first play in the series.

Interlacing physical theatre and art performance, it introduces a modern satire of political establishments. At the spotlight of the story are the so-called people in charge – four high powered executives.

To keep their chairs occupied they not only have to confront civilians but also survive the intrigues and conspiracies of each other. Keeping the tension between timeless and timely “Front. End. Center” shows strikingly recognizable and absurd scenarios of games for power, which any passerby can become a spectator or even a participant in.

Will people notice the actions of the people in charge and challenge them or choose to pass by? This is a question we ask ourselves in our daily lives too.

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Artwork by Dasha Zorina

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