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What is a playtest?

Playtest is a live audience rehearsal that brings you into the heart of a project's development. It is a unique opportunity for interactive performance artists to test their projects with a live audience. 

What to Expect:

  • Entertainment: Our playtests are not only insightful for creators but also entertaining for our audience. Yes, some things might not work as planned but they will give us an interesting topic for a discussion after the playtest and you will be an important part of that conversation!

  • Early Glimpse: You will get an exclusive sneak peek into the development of groundbreaking projects and see first-hand  how we use new technology.

  • Collaboration Platform: We encourage all of the fellow creators from interactive and immersive fields, to participate and are happy to exchange knowledge and tools with participants from other industries as well. 

  • Your Feedback Matters: Your opinions and reactions help shape the final experience, making you an integral part of the creative journey.

    Think of it as an art in-progress, workshop, experience, and a networking opportunity!

  •  Don't forget to sign up!  

How we do it!
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