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The concept of this project is to gather experiences of people from different backgrounds and walks of life in a personal diary format.

The notebook you see on the picture has been sent to a chain of strangers each related to each other through a "handshake" or two. We hope it will travel to the places we couldn't imagine and arrive at the hands of people we wouldn't meet otherwise. We hope it returns to the author to be published and shared with the world to commemorate the given day and time and serve as a reminder that despite our differences, we are all living this world’s joys and struggles together.

Author: Natalia Yandyganova

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To Participante
This project doesn't have an entry point unless you received the notebook from someone in your circle (in this case click on the "For Participants" button. That said we are always open to creative collaborations. If you have an idea of us working together on this or another project, please send us an email to
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